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yearofpoetry's Journal

Year of Poetry
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A year of poetry immersion.
Exploring the craft of poetry...

This community is primarily for education and discussion about poetry rather than sharing of personal works. We will have periodic posts inviting members to share their original works if they desire.

This is not a place to workshop/critique or spam the community with your work/adverts for your chapbooks.


1. Please do not spam the community with personal poetry. We will have posts dedicated to sharing. If your goal is to become a published poet, please remember that publicly posting your work online makes it a "previously published" work. Friends-locking should protect your first rights.

2. Absolutely no personal attacks or slurs of any kind. Now, discussing the use of slurs in poetry or sharing poems with slurs in them can be educational and insightful (I'm thinking, for example, of Countee Cullen's "Incident"), but please be respectful of other members and poets.

3. This space reserved for new rules as needed. Hopefully it won't be needed.